Paying Your Pro

How Do I Reimburse My Pro For Expenses?

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Task or job may require a Pro to purchase items for you. Pros can add approved expenses to the reimbursements section of your invoice by way of sending a custom invoice. They should include the receipt in your chat thread, or provide you with the original copy, as proof of the expense.

Each Pro will have their own personal limits of how much they can spend on a task. Please include the expected cost of expenses within your task description to ensure that you are matched with a Pro who purchase your item(s).

Please reimburse your Pro via your invoice rather than in cash, as Utaska will not be responsible for any disputes arising from off-platform payments.

If a Pro is asked to purchase items of high value, they may contact Customer Support to verify the purchase. If a task cannot be completed due to the high value, we recommend prepaying for the items and using a Pro to deliver them to you. If you have questions about your task expenses, please chat with your Pro or contact our Customer Support team.

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