Utaska Transaction Fees

Utaska Transaction Fees

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We are proud to say that, Utaska does not charge any  transaction fees. We are the only platform that do not charge it’s users transaction fees.

The only fees or charges that affect your transaction is the standard mobile money charges and processing fees. Utaska do not add any additional charges .

If you pay using a Visa Card, Credit Card or Master Card, the same standard charges from your bank will apply and processing fees. We do not add any additional transaction fees.

Please refer below table the standard charges for both mobile money and credit card.

Method of Payment Charges

Mastercard, Visa:


Mastercard, Visa, AMEX:


Mobile Money


Withdrawal Fees

Withdrawal fees are flat rate no matter the amount you want to withdraw from your account. Please understand that this is a processing fee and Utaska has no control.

Method of Withdrawal Fess

Bank Account

GHS 20 per transaction

Mobile Money

GHS 20 per transaction

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